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Educational Program Objectives

The  625-hour  Massage  Therapy  Diploma  Program offers a comprehensive education, preparing students for productive careers in massage and bodywork.  Students will: 

  • Utilize efficient body mechanics to perform techniques with ease and benefit of clients. 

  • Apply with increasing confidence, relaxation, and deep tissue massage techniques.

  • List the structures and functions of the human body and the benefits of massage for each system.

  • Practice the dynamics of a professional therapist/client relationship.

  • Design personal career goals and apply business and marketing skills to create a successful career.

  • Demonstrate ethical and professional conduct as a massage therapist.

  • Utilize self-care techniques. Build relationships with other healthcare providers in your community.

Adult Students

Western North Carolina School of Massage - 625 hour Diploma Program


All full-time, part-time, day and evening, massage therapy diploma programs offer 625hours of well-crafted massage training. This program conveys a coherent, congruent sense of the body and the massage process. By gradually building on the skills gained in each core bodywork course, with anatomy and physiology paralleling the entire process, students build a strong experiential core of massage approaches  integrated with a working  knowledge of the body’s systems. An over-arching emphasis is placed on students developing a deeper presence and awareness into their touch, helping them to develop sensitivity in their practice.

Since it is natural to develop self-knowledge through this educational process, we also provide courses that help translate that knowledge into professional skills for the massage practitioner. Such courses are woven throughout the program and include Professional Ethics, Somatic Psychology, Business and Marketing Practices. By the time students pass the core Therapeutic Relaxation Massage course, they are ready to offer full-body massages for the public in student clinic. This low-cost clinic gives students valuable professional experience in a safe and supervised environment. It is here that we see students blossom into competent therapists and their confidence soar. From the lightest compassionate touch to  the deepest musculoskeletal tissues, students are able to demonstrate a “wholistic” approach to bodywork in their own unique, creative style.

Massage Program Courses:

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

Anatomical Model

Anatomy, Physiology,  & Pathology


Professional Ethics & State Law

Energy Healing

Reiki & Energy Theory

Ankle and Ligaments

Musculoskeletal Anatomy


Neuromuscular Therapy

Men with Calculator



Somatic Psychology

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