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Therapeutic Relaxation Massage
100 hours

Students learn to give and receive a full body massage in this unique and refined training. This course has been  developed from over 19,000 hours of practice by Hope DeVall influenced by generations of teachers and mentors, drawing on the historical influences of Swedish Massage and Asian Bodywork methods. This course focuses on utilizing proper body mechanics with an emphasis on forearm, open fist, open palm and knuckle techniques.  Simultaneously, students are trained in the qualities of  a sensitive, mindful touch  and  compassion  to  powerfully awaken and enhance the therapeutic process. Through breathing exercises in heightened awareness, mindfulness, and performing blind-folded  massage, students consciously develop their  abilities and bring them more fully into their bodywork.  A thorough knowledge of Musculoskeletal Anatomy is the heart of the training and contributes to a  deep working understanding of the therapeutic aspects of massage. Professional communication and developing the ability to manage and meet a client’s goals also form an integral part of professional development at this phase of the curriculum.

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