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Hope DeVall - LMBT 10846

About Us - From the Founder

At the Western North Carolina School of Massage, our mission is to guide you in your personal and professional growth as a massage student.  We believe it is an honor to touch another human being and that touch is essential for human health and well-being. Touch is not a luxury but a basic human need. In this spirit, we train people to bring conscious and expert touch to the world, through the highest quality and most innovative bodywork education available.


We are dedicated to creating a sanctuary for the growth of self-knowledge, presence and compassion. We support students with wisdom and encouragement, and are committed to empowering each student to develop their unique, creative healing potential. Class size is small, facilitating individual attention and close group connection. This encourages deep comprehension and application in students by supporting personal growth, self-awareness, active learning, and responsibility.


Asheville Massage Therapy School
Massage Student Asheville NC
Massage Therapy School Asheville NC

In 2008, Hope DeVall fell in love with the massage therapy profession.  As a nationally recognized educator and licensed massage therapist, Hope wished to share the joy that she found in exploring the art and science of massage with others.  She has owned and operated two successful massage therapy practices and an organization that offers continuing education workshops to a multitude of licensed health care professionals nationwide.  She has been an NCBTMB approved provider of massage therapy continuing education since 2011.  In 2012, she relocated to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and landed in Asheville, one of the most concious and healing places in the country.  Here she decided to begin her heart-centered journey by establishing the Western North Carolina School of Massage.  


She partnered with several leaders in the massage community to design a quality integrative massage therapy program that balances a clinical and structural approach to massage.  This curriculum also emphasizes the artistry of touch with the intention of offering the highest quality massage education to students, and through that, an enhanced massage experience for the community.  Hope's vision is simple, yet profound.  She wishes to change the world through touch and human connection.  By offering a program rooted in mindful awareness, loving kindness, and a conscious educated touch, she hopes that students seeking a career in massage therapy will be able to embrace their dream and touch the world! 


Hope DeVall, Founder and CEO

Western North Carolina School of Massage

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