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Adam Caddick

Adam Caddick, Massage Educator, LMBT #13421

Adam has been a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist since 2013.  Adam has had a lifelong fascination with human anatomy & physiology. Starting as an artist focused on the human form, he turned his interest into a brief career as an EMT (Emergency Medicine Technician). After a number of years of ambulance driving, an introductory massage course came along and the fire was lit! He has since gone through two separate educational programs for therapeutic massage that further expanded his understanding of the human body.


In practice, he specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy and employs other stretching & myofascial techniques to increase mobility, and decrease pain and dysfunction in the body. His continued passion for studying anatomy & physiology and his dedication to his clients help him individualize treatment for each person and achieve consistently positive outcomes in his practice.  Addam teaches the principles and practices of massage therapy in our technique-focused, Therapeutic Relaxation Massage Course.  In addition to sharing his wealth of knowledge with students, he is a co-owner of Ebb and Flow, a highly regarded multi-provider massage studio in West Asheville.  

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