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Camilla Gooch

Camilla Gooch, LMBT #20087, is a Clinical Supervisor and practicing massage therapist at the Western North Carolina School of Massage. 

    My Story

    Camilla began her practice of bodywork in Asheville, NC as a graduate of the Western North Carolina School of Massage. She describes her massage style as therapeutic with an intuitive blend, completely customizable and tailored to meet the individual needs of the clients. Camilla has excelled at creating a deeply relaxing Swedish massage that blends flawlessly with therapeutic Neuromuscular Therapy techniques. She joined the WNCSOM staff shortly after graduation, taking on the roles of Clinical Supervisor and LMBT. She helps to guide our students on how to approach situations or problems by developing new skills in and outside the treatment room. As a clinical supervisor, she provides students with the opportunity to distinguish their hands-on practice in a supportive, nurturing environment. In addition to being a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, she holds a B.A. in Teaching from the University of Kentucky and looks forward to the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with both clients and students.

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